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            Our Wine Clubs

Thank you for your interest in our wine clubs. We have several different types of wine clubs for you to choose from. Whether you enjoy red wine or white wine or both, Driven Cellars is sure you will find a club that fits your taste. So let’s buckle up and start cruising to the Car Club that favors you the best!


Average Quarterly Release - $80
Quarterly members receive three bottles of mixed wines, four time a year. Release dates are February, May, September and November.
Average Release $85.00
Members receive three bottles of red wine, four times a year. Release dates are February, May, September and November.

Average Release $120.00

Average Release $160.00 - Club member receive six bottles of mixed wines, twice a year. Release dates are May and November.
Average Release $170.00 - Club members receive six bottles of red wine, twice a year.
Average Release Cost $320.00 - If you like having a variety of both red and white wines available anytime, our Club provides you with just that. A twelve bottle combination, eight red and four white wines for your enjoyment, annually. 
Average Release Cost $340.00 -  If you enjoy having our red wine available for either your friends or family, or both, this Club provides you with twelve bottles of our fantastic red wine, annually. 


         Wine Club Benefits

When you become a member of one of our Car Clubs you are on your way to being "King of the Road". Driven Cellars greatly appreciates all of our club members and believes that our wine club benefits reflect that. We strive to continually add additional benefits that show that we hold our members in high esteem. And all our clubs have no fee to join!

Being a member of Driven Cellars Car Club entitles you to the following benefits:

♦ Club Members receive a 20% discount on all our wines, all the time.

♦ Members receive a 20% discount on all Driven Cellars apparel or merchandise items.

♦ Complimentary wine tasting for you, your significant other, and four of your friends.

♦ As a member you can purchase wines that are exclusive only to our Wine Club Members.

♦ Opt In to our SMS (Text) messaging service, and you can send and receive information about orders, offers or news about Driven Cellars.

♦ You can schedule complementary private winery/ tastings and vineyards tours.     

♦ You will be invited to exclusive club member events and celebrations.

♦ By signing up for one of our wine clubs, you will be receiving special offers and discounts throughout the year.

♦ Driven Cellars reserves the right to add additional benefits for our Club Members at any time!

 *All wine club memberships require a minimum 1 year commitment.  Early cancellation will result in back-billing for all discounts previously taken.

 **Taxes and shipping are the responsibility of the member.